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QCT is a modality that was created by Jael Vera. It came to be when many of Jaels clients were coming to her to get closure after having relatives pass and not having the opportunity to say goodbye or had unresolved issues with them. In order to find answers or closure Jael would conduct hypnosis sessions for her clients. During these hypnosis sessions, Jaels clients where able to connect with angels, other beings, the Christ and the Ra consciousness, these connections occurred on the quantum level where they were able to speak with them and ask questions. Since then, Jael has evolved this technique and has found that we all have an angel or angels that are assigned to us. Many of the clients in these sessions found out that they are Starseeds. Jael now offers the “Quantum Connection Technique” so that you can connect to your angels and or different consciousness.

Who is this for:

  • Star Seeds
  • People that are awake
  • People that need closure
  • People that are on a spiritual path
  • People that want to connect with angels or a higher consciousness

What is included:

  • Preliminary phone consultation
  • Talk about intention for the session
  • Induction
  • Regression to past life and important event
  • Find out who is your angel and or what spirit guides you have
  • What type of starseed are you?(If applicable)
  • Post- session re-integration

These sessions can be done in person or via Zoom